About Us

FFNI (Fund For New Immigrants) is a well-established non-profit organization operating since 1991 and devoted to providing educational, vocational, financial and social support to new immigrants in need in Beersheva. The fund represents a front-line response team, dealing with new immigrant cases the establishment cannot assist. It’s is managed by a number of high-profile public servants on a voluntary basis;  representing numerous recognized immigrant associations . FFNI is highly regarded within the community, among partner organizations, donors and our target population.

Maya Englert is the indomitable spirit behind this initiative and along with several other devotees founded The Fund for Needy Immigrants (FFNI) in 1991; thus providing disadvantaged new Olim with basic educational, social, psychological support and financial aid when the government fails to do so.

FFNI evaluates requests from social workers with an emphasis on children and teens of needy immigrants. Support comes in the form of vouchers, food packages and hot meals for school children. Holiday parcels are given out, so new Olim can put food on the table at New Year’s or Passover.

The fund supports special needs projects which includes supplying equipment as required by Olim, such as eye glasses, hearing-aids, walkers, computers, heaters, fans, baby necessities and many other critical items that ensure a minimum quality of life for these new immigrants.

We support educational programs that bridge the academic gap between children of different cultural and socioeconomic groups; to maximize each child’s ability to reach their full potential. We subsidize the purchase of text books and school supplies for those who simply cannot afford them at full cost.