WELFARE & BASIC NEEDS: Unfortunately there are many impoverished new immigrant families, lone immigrants, disabled and elderly who have difficulty keeping food on the table. FFNI distribute food packages, vouchers, fans in summer, blankets and heaters in winter, plus baby essentials such as formula and diapers. In some cases we also supply medical aids such as walkers, eyeglasses or hearing aids. See the PROJECTS

YOUTH EDUCATION PROJECTS: Education means everything to us at FFNI, and we invest extensively in youth education programs providing young people with positive learning experiences coupled with positive social interaction. Programs include vocational training, tutoring, summer school, sports activities and mentoring. See the PROJECTS
There’s also a lot of great things happening with our adult education courses.

BESPOKE PROJECTS: We also offer assistance in running special programs close to our hearts. In the past we have helped support literacy, life skills and empowerment projects for immigrant women from Yemen, or a reading hour for mothers and kids from families with literacy issues. We also assist in purchasing medical aids for children of Olim with special needs. See the PROJECTS…

INFORMATION & ADVOCACY: For a new immigrant, it’s easy to get lost in the bureaucracy; medical, legal or mundane tasks like paying bills, getting a driving licence, or renting an apartment. We are here to smooth over the difficulties, assisting new Olim in contacting the relevant authorities, helping them to fill out forms and supporting them every step of the way. See the PROJECTS