Welfare & Basic Needs

FFNI supplies food packages and basic necessities to vulnerable new Olim in danger of going without – these resources ensure a minimum of physical well-being for those in need. New Olim and their children deserve every opportunity to integrate well into Israeli society and the Beersheva community in which they live.

Main Activities

Food Packages: One of our most vital services, is supplying basic food packages to hundreds of new immigrants in need – thanks to our long-term partnership with the Latet organization.

Vouchers: Allocating vouchers helps us to alleviate extreme household stress, food insecurity and allows families to provide adequate seasonal clothing for their children.

Heating / Cooling: Because of extreme heat and cold typical of a desert climate like Beersheva, we supply portable fans, heaters, blankets and other items to ensure minimum well-being for olim who cannot provide for themselves.

Medical Aids: Some of our neediest new immigrants are health compromised and need assistance with the purchase of medical aids; such as eyeglasses, hearing aids, wheelchairs or other equipment, depending on individual requirements.

Baby Products: Essential nutrition and hygiene products – formula, nappies/diapers or protective clothing takes a big bite out of a family’s budget. We can provide these items or give vouchers to families who would otherwise go without.

School Supplies: Education ensures a bright future for all kids. We help new immigrant students of all ages by subsidizing the purchase of text books and school supplies for those who simply cannot afford them at full cost.