Bespoke Projects

Not all donors have the same vision. Some come on board with certain goals in mind or are eager to remedy a specific situation. That’s where our experience fulfilling Bespoke Projects comes into play. If giving is in your DNA − FFNI has many meaningful projects that bring relief to needy new Olim in difficult circumstances. We run special programs close to our hearts to support literacy, life skills, women’s empowerment, and provide aid for special needs children of Olim. New projects are welcome. Find out how you can become a sponsor!

HAVE AN IDEA FOR A PROJECT? FFNI is as excited as you are in helping to bring pet projects to fruition. We’re happy to work with you directly, so we can understand your charitable objectives and translate them into the successful mission you’ve always envisioned. In the past we’ve supported empowerment projects for immigrant women from Yemen, reading programs for mothers and kids from families with literacy issues and also assisted in purchasing medical aids for children of Olim with special needs. Help sponsor a Bespoke Project now!

FFNI Bespoke Empowerment Project:
Women from Yemen Join the 21st Century 

During a recent time of horrific civil unrest in Yemen, a small group of Jews managed to escape. They’re very different from most new immigrants coming to Israel today; in fact they are almost straight from the ancient past. Having lived in a primitive third world country and leading a sheltered, ultra-traditional lifestyle, 40 very special women embarked on a life-changing mission by participating in our Empowerment Project. 

They had never attended any educational system and had a complete lack of the basic skills necessary to survive in daily modern life. They were illiterate — unable to read, write, understand numbers, or operate technology. By understanding their way of life, we were able to design a program to assist them in becoming self-sufficient. The program offered Hebrew lessons, life-skills learning and a professional sewing course. 

The program was received with great enthusiasm and joy by the women and was successful beyond our expectations.
We have since initiated a second round in order to include more women in this life empowering process.