Hebrew Courses

Of all the hurdles facing new immigrants to successfully integrating into Israeli society, gaining a working knowledge of the Hebrew language is the most critical. Hebrew is the key to the heart of the Israeli experience.

The ability to converse, understand and read and write Hebrew, is essential to finding work, studying and simply living day to day. Upon arrival in Israel, new Olim attend an Ulpan (rudimentary Hebrew course), however it’s not usually sufficient to launch most new immigrants into the mainstream. We have the solution!

Our instructors are highly experienced teachers of Hebrew as a second language, tutoring each according to their individual needs. Lessons include both formal Hebrew and slang, with practice Hebrew geared for practical real-life situations. Convenient class scheduling allows busy new immigrant parents to continue with their studies.

FFNI along with Machon TOP offer new immigrants Hebrew courses organized in small groups for personalized attention. In this way, each student can work on the areas they need most – practicing one-on-one. We foster a relaxed friendly atmosphere, where every student feels at ease speaking and gaining confidence.

Not only the newest immigrants benefit from our Hebrew classes. We also run courses for our dedicated FFNI Beit HaOleh volunteers; all of whom are themselves immigrants. It’s our way of saying thank you for the hours of hard work, support and good cheer they contribute to the many vital projects we run to help needy new Olim.