Advocacy & Information

Because of cultural differences and the language barrier, it’s almost impossible for new immigrants to navigate the maze of Israeli bureaucracy on their own. Even mundane tasks like renting an apartment, getting appropriate medical services, finding employment, banking, loans, certification of professional qualifications or just paying bills are fraught with stress.

FFNI is here to help smooth the path though our Information Center Services. Our dedicated team are always available to help new Olim find solutions to their individual problems and overcome difficulties; what agencies or relevant authorities they need to contact, assistance with filling out official forms and supporting them every step of the way, until their issues are resolved.

By using the FFNI Information Center, new Olim in Beersheva can take full advantage of the many services and resources available to help them acclimate, integrate and thrive in Israel:

  • Administration: Applications and documents of all kinds and how to claim rights & benefits.
  • Employment: Data base and support system for seeking employment and building a career.
  • Hebrew Learning: Resources and special programs available for Hebrew language learning.
  • Education: The best educational institutions or auxiliary frameworks to meet student needs.
  • Residence: Resources / social links to assist Olim in choosing the right community for them.
  • Army & National Service: Understanding the wide range of options for serving our country.