Youth Education Projects

We sponsor a wide variety of educational projects designed to give new immigrant youth at risk the tools they need to successfully integrate into Israeli society from a young person’s perspective. Many teenage Olim struggle with conflicting social norms, schoolwork in a foreign language, feelings of alienation, lack of proper role models and inadequate basic resources at home. Untreated, these issues can lead to high drop-out rates, juvenile delinquency, substance abuse and even self-harm. FFNI is a driving force in support of youth educational projects that offer practical and supportive solutions.

Holistic Support for “Mekif Gimmel High School” Students: Over 10 years ago, we began a fruitful relationship with a local Beersheva high school to assist their struggling young immigrant student population. Along with the school administration and other outstanding organizations, we help provide much needed tutoring, enrichment programs focused on the history and culture of the State of Israel, as well as social bonding activities. We are proud to partner with JNF UK, the TOP Institute, Beersheva Dept. of Immigration, plus numerous philanthropic groups and private donors.

“A Different Way of Learning” – Youth Summer Programs: An unstructured, long boring summer can create real setbacks in the progress of young immigrants – but that’s exactly when our joint summer program steps in to address the issue! Together with the organizations listed in our Holistic Support section, we jointly developed and operate a summer school program, providing Hebrew language tutoring in small groups, interactive life-skills lessons and a social community program designed to build constructive relationships and camaraderie.

Vocational Training for Youth: This important project helps immigrant youth who have not adjusted to the mainstream high-school curriculum. Instead of dropping out, and in return for their continued school attendance, we provide vocational training that allows them to earn certification in practical trades such as Smartphone / computer repair, cosmetology, commercial photography and more. The program ensures that these young immigrants finish their high school education, learn a useful trade, have the potential to earn money and become better integrated into society. Vocational courses are run by experts and accompanied by social workers and educators, who train students in soft skills such as work ethics and dealing with adversity.

Children of Tomorrow: A unique project that utilizes wall climbing and sports activities as way to reach immigrant youth, many from seriously disadvantaged communities. They learn from mentor/instructors to master wall climbing in ways that reinforce valuable life-skills; thinking-through problems, planning ahead, self-discipline, mental focus and physical training. Participants receive a full scholarship to the course which includes climbing gear, climbing club membership, bus passes and lessons with a skilled instructor. Instructors also act as big brothers / sisters, available to counsel young Olim. This incredible program is flourishing, due to the continued support between FFNI, The Moshe Fund, and the Beersheva Anti-Drug & Alcohol Authority.