Bespoke Projects

We run special programs close to our hearts to support literacy, life skills, women’s empowerment, and provide aid for special needs children of Olim. New projects are welcome.

Welfare & Basic Needs

FFNI supplies food packages and basic necessities to vulnerable new Olim in danger of going without – these resources ensure a minimum of physical well-being for those in need. New Olim and their children deserve every opportunity to integrate well into Israeli society and the Beersheva community in which they live. Main Activities Food Packages: One of our … Read more

Advocacy & Information

Because of cultural differences and the language barrier, it’s almost impossible for new immigrants to navigate the maze of Israeli bureaucracy on their own. Even mundane tasks like renting an apartment, getting appropriate medical services, finding employment, banking, loans, certification of professional qualifications or just paying bills are fraught with stress. FFNI is here to … Read more

Hebrew Courses

Of all the hurdles facing new immigrants to successfully integrating into Israeli society, gaining a working knowledge of the Hebrew language is the most critical. Hebrew is the key to the heart of the Israeli experience. The ability to converse, understand and read and write Hebrew, is essential to finding work, studying and simply living … Read more

Youth Education Projects

We sponsor a wide variety of educational projects designed to give new immigrant youth at risk the tools they need to successfully integrate into Israeli society from a young person’s perspective. Many teenage Olim struggle with conflicting social norms, schoolwork in a foreign language, feelings of alienation, lack of proper role models and inadequate basic … Read more